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Flexible Cyber Security


We have noticed a gap in the market around cyber security. Security needs to be a major part of every company's strategic roadmap and operational processes. Start-ups and SMEs sometimes cannot afford to bring on a full-time Security Officer or Manager let alone do the tech upkeep to keep things safe. We live in an online cloud world at present with remote working that leaves people susceptible to phishing and hacking.

To address the gap and allow for skilled knowledgeable experts to assist every organisation, no matter your size, we can provide the right person to help. We can supply cyber security for an hourly or daily rate depending on your needs or problems.

What we will do is link up your requirements or known gap to the right security professional who can help whether that is simply having a conversation with them to get their views on best practise or to write up recommendations on how to address a problem. You may also want technical assistance, as an example to configure your M365 platform to be secure, configure your cloud storage platform or even deploy appropriate end point protection - we can help with all of these.

We are looking to offer an extremely flexible service simply based on the time you use so there is no need to have an expensive contract or pay for resources for more time that is necessary.

We will be using known professionals in the industry that can provide the right service for the right price.


Please enquire today about your needs.



T: 0203 664 0336

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